Our Vision and Values

Our vision to be a people Following Jesus, Being Family, and Community Reaching in the Greater Falkirk area is founded on the following Ten Values











'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life...'

Five Year Vision & Values
(2018 - 2023)

The following document provides further detail regarding our vision and values, together with our statement of intent and five-year aims and objectives.

Many people are involved in making FBC happen. Most are volunteers, some are called to serve as leaders.

Church Leadership Team

FBC’s Leadership is responsible for the spiritual doctrine of the church (our vision, values and purpose), whilst maintaining unity within the fellowship. They each operate as servant leaders in order to facilitate, release and support others in ministry (John 13, Ephesians 4:11-13).

Staff Team

FBC staff members are employed by the church to develop ministry, facilitate administration and work with volunteers in realising the church's vision and values.

Alistair (Al) Cuthbert

Pastor & Team Leader

Carol Polland


Kirsten Leitch

Church Youth Worker

FBC Growth Groups

Another area of leadership within FBC is Growth Groups. The leaders in this sphere are spiritual overseers and disciplers (Acts 20 v.28), with responsibility for the spiritual discipleship, pastoral care, and mission of those within their group. They meet regularly in various locations across Falkirk.

Missions Partner: Barbara Connor

Barbara is our global missions partner, working with YWAM International.

Barbara grew up in Falkirk, but has spent most of her life in other parts of the world. For four decades, she has been a YWAM-KKI missionary with a joint focus on leadership development and ministry to children, youth and families. Barbara currently lives in Spain, but works internationally, particularly in Europe and Africa. As well as equipping people for leadership and youth ministry, Barbara loves to disciple new believers by teaching on the nature and character of God.

As a baptist church, FBC also partners with BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) in their vision to see "One Million Lives Transformed by 2020".