Loving Community

Part of our vision as a church is to be community reaching. This is supported by a value of being ‘missional’ in everything that we do. We run a number of different community-based outreaches through which we build relationships and share the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

'..go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...'

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure is FBC’s charity shop located in the heart of Bainsford. Since 2007 it has been serving the local community with good quality secondhand items, returning much of its profits back into the local community. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the shop is currently closed at present and will be reopening in the future in the Bainsford Community Hall as a larger shop with a new community cafe. For more details please contact Elaine Riley.

Messy Church

Messy Church has been operating since 2016, meeting in different locations in the Bainsford and Langlees areas of Falkirk. It currently meets on a Sunday afternoon once per month in the Langlees Community Centre. It is church for the unchurched and consists of games, crafts, songs, small lessons, and eating together. For more information, please contact Carol Adams via the Church Administrator.

The Ark

The Ark is an after-school club run at Langlees Primary in partnership with the GO! Youth Trust. It runs every Friday from 3:00-4.30pm, and is for children from Langlees in P4 to P7. It’s a high-octane programme, with food, games, competitions, videos, singing, dancing, and lessons from the Bible. If you would like to know more, please contact Cathy Stewart via the Church Administrator.

Local Partners

As well as running some community projects, FBC also supports a number of Christian ministries which are expressing the Kingdom of God in their work with young people and the marginalised in and around Falkirk.


Falkirk Baptist was established at the end of 1807. Daniel Dunbar, a school-master in Bainsford, was the first pastor, serving the church for 26 years from 1809 until his death in 1835. The first church building was in Kirk Wynd.

However, by 1820 Falkirk also had two churches of the ‘Scotch Baptist’ tradition, which were quite distinct from the first Baptist cause in the town. These churches were led by a number of elders rather than a pastor.

For the next 70 years or so, the Baptist witness in Falkirk was one of formations, divisions and unions between these churches.

But the arrival of James Wilson and his family in 1880 brought about a new era in Baptist witness. Divisions were healed, Rev Walter Mathams was called to be the pastor, and a new church was constructed – an iron building in Melville Street, which became known as the ‘Tin Kirk’. 

By 1889, the new minister, Rev Alex Paterson, considered the church uncomfortable, badly constructed, and having a murky atmosphere. His ambition was to build a new church.

The present church building on Orchard Street was opened in October 1897. Alex Paterson referred to the beauty that surrounded them that day, and pointed to God’s hand in it all. One of the highlights of the new building was the unveiling of the beautiful stained glass windows, which are memorial windows to the Wilson and Towers families.

Such was the growth in numbers attending the church that in 1906 the members agreed to enlarge the building by adding two transepts, an open baptistry, and the two halls.

Alex Paterson’s long ministry of 33 years firmly established the church’s work within the town, and laid a firm foundation for the challenges and changes of the Twentieth Century and beyond. A number of ministers have served the church since then, covering the difficult war years, times of economic downturn and national crises.

Over the years our church has changed, but one aspect always remains: the commitment of Falkirk Baptist to be a worshipping culture expressing faith in action, working alongside others in the community, such as Open Door Café during the 1980s to help those facing unemployment; Hidden Treasure Charity Shop serving the communities of Bainsford and Langlees; and by providing significant input and resource to the Falkirk Food Bank initiative.

Click below to download a free PDF of
“I Will Build My Church: A History of Falkirk Baptist Church”
(R. Polland, Falkirk, 1999).