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The PLUS GROUP began life several years ago as the ‘SIXTY-PLUS Group’ – a monthly gathering for those in, and associated with, the congregation who had reached the grand old age of 60!  It was a regular get-together for fellowship and worship, and included opportunities to listen to people who were involved in Christian work and ministry.  Members of the Group also participated from time to time as they related their own stories of Christian pilgrimage.


Recently the group re-branded as the ‘PLUS GROUP’ so that it was not exclusively for those of mature years, but was open to anyone who chose to join in on the month by month meetings and gain access to an afternoon which is meaningful to all who participate.  The majority of those who come together may still be over sixty, but you wouldn’t guess that as you enjoy the benefits of the friendships which develop through the group.


The PLUS GROUP meets at 1.30pm on the last Monday of each month in the Church halls, and after the hour long programme, which varies in content, afternoon tea and cakes are served.  This provides an opportunity to catch up with each other’s news and activities, and encourages a free and easy time of fun and fellowship.


From time to time there are outings which take the Group to interesting venues (and Coffee shops of course!), and the occasional games and recreational afternoon is another way the Group enjoys new experiences of relating to one another.


A favourite annual occasion is the Christmas Dinner – this is a real opportunity for the Group members to enjoy a meal together, and to appreciate the love and friendship which is in abundant supply in this Fellowship.


You are warmly invited to join in at any time with those who gather in this Group, and you will be greatly welcomed to the extent that you will become a regular participant!!  We look forward to that!


For more information about the PLUS GROUP, please contact us via the CONTACT FORM.

















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