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Since its launch in 1996 Christians Against Poverty has been helping people get out of debt by providing a professional and friendly counselling service. Thousands of people have been released from a lifetime of worry and despair brought about by debt.


Debt is a huge problem across the UK for many reasons but for many people the cause is a lack of knowledge about how to manage their money sensibly. Few people have been taught how to budget and the idea of saving is alien to many.


CAP Money is a course designed by the educational arm of the charity sometimes run by centres that do debt counselling too but mostly the courses are run by churches where congregations want to do something to empower people to fight poverty before it hits.


Recently a group of members of Falkirk Baptist Church underwent training from CAP and we are now offering this short course which is not for people with debts, though they can be catered for and can show how a few thousand pounds on a credit card can be cleared if managing your money better, it’s for everyone - from newly retired people, soon-to-be students to mums dealing with mounting bills or families saving for a wedding and everyone in between.


CAP Money is a three session course to help people get back in control of their money. Over three weeks delegates learn how to build and live on a budget; the CAP Money system which helps simplify the budget making it understandable and how to live week to week on cash.


For details of the next CAP Money Management course running in the Falkirk area, visit the CAP WEBSITE or telephone  Jenny Kelly on 01324 624650.


CAP Money Plus is an additional service for delegates who have completed the CAP Money course and realised that they are no longer able to meet the minimum repayments on their borrowing. This service is a mixture of self help and support from the CAP Money Plus team and requires access to the internet, a printer and telephone.


















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