Falkirk baptist Church


Doing God's Work in God's Way for God's Glory!

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About us

Falkirk Baptist Church has been in Falkirk town centre for more than 200 years (est. 1807). However appearances can be deceiving, and despite the red brick Victorian style building, after a renovation project in 1999 the Church Sanctuary is fully carpeted with individual seats to ensure the comfort of all who use it.  The Church also has 2 halls which are used on a Sunday by the children and youth and throughout the week by various groups and organisations.  We have recently upgraded our sound system and make use of any and all technology available to us to ensure the smooth running of services.  The sanctuary itself is wheelchair friendly and the church is equipped with a disabled toilet.  T-Loop hearing aid system is also in place.


We believe in one God, the Father, who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us on the Cross, offering us gifts of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life in accordance with John 3:16.  We are bound together as a people by the love of God, and move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.


We meet for Morning Worship Services every Sunday morning.  Throughout the week there are various meetings taking place both in the Church and throughout the Falkirk area. As well as these regular meetings, we also hold special events - most recently a Church Open Day which was enjoyed by all who attended.  One of the most anticipated events in the Church calendar is the annual Falkirk Baptist Quiz Night which is held in November each year, and the race is on to find out who will win the coveted 'last runner up' prize of a tasty bag of doughnuts!!!  For more information on any events being held in the Church or throughout the Falkirk area, please refer to our ONLINE DIARY.


Holy Communion is offered twice a month as part of the Morning Worship Service.  Visitors are invited to participate in Communion with us - it is offered to all who know and love the Lord Jesus. 


A recent Church conference showed that the top 'pro' of the Falkirk Baptist congregation is the 'family-like' feel that people experience when they worship with us.  We pray that you will join us for worship and fellowship regardless of whether you are just visiting or are looking for a Church to make your home.  Whatever your circumstances, you can be assured of a very warm welcome should you decide to join us.


CAR PARKING - The Church has a small car park on the grounds, and parking is also available on Weir Street.  We would ask you please not to block the car park or church entrance in any way during the services.